Be a Tour Guide / Tour Operator

    To work with us as a tour guide, tour operator and travel agency, you need to agree to the terms and conditions below.

    1.  Work professionally as a tour guide, tour operator and travel agency in your country.
    2. Make good relation with clients.
    3. Increase reputation of Travel & Guide.Com by your work in tourism services that makes your success alongside.
    4. Respect tourists and behave politely as your guest that is your success too.
    5. Communicate with Travel & Guide.Com for how to marketing and all work activities.
    6. If you share our website to your previous clients to write review, you will get more response for tour booking.
    7. You can share our website in your network for the success of you and ours.

    What to do by you?

    1.  Without your any contact link, you will post tours with full details such as description, itinerary, tour cost, included, excluded, payment etc as referred in the form. If not possible to add photo, we will do for you.
    2.  Our commission is 10 % on the total amount.  Example of: your tour price is  USD $ 500. You should add our commission  10 % with it.  Here is =  USD $  550.  So, you keep your USD $ 500 and give us USD $  50.

    3. You will pay us through Western Union/ Money Gram/ Bank,  after a tour is done.  You will carry your transfer charge and we will carry receiving charge. We receive money in Bangladesh, Malaysia and France.
    4. When we receive any booking or inquiry, we will forward it to you.  Withing 12 hours, you will contact with clients directly and accept the payment with your terms and conditions.

    Termination of your service:
    1. If you do not respond to the clients requirement withing 24 hours.
    2. If tourists complain against you.
    3. If you do not pay to Travel & Guide.Com. 

    If you have any other question, please e-mail to-

    Before submitting tour posts, you should contact us through e-mail. When we finalize together, you can register here after being agreed to the terms above and publish your tours.  It takes time to approve your tours. We need to check all information to approve. If you show your tours properly to satisfy clients, you will get response. When you sign up, you should give display name as < Your Country Name + Tour + numeric number as serial> example= Tanzania Tour-1/ Tanzania Tour- 2/ Bangladesh Tour-1.

    How to publish your tours?
    >> Left sidebar Trips >> Click add new >> Write post title >> Click on description to write brief highlight >>  Click on itinerary to write as outline (if you want to show separately, you have to click on add itinerary) >> Click on include and exclude to write >> For gallery, you will send a photo to e-mail( this tour related, we will add >>  Click on location as your country >> Click on publish then we will do the rest.  Remember that you should tell your every  Trip Code  to us when you submit. Otherwise another operator will receive your tour booking.   

    How will tourists contact?
    Tourist will send personal message to you as inquiry. We will approve it to you for reply.